The NeoMale Project – Help Boys Become Heroes

Like many other people – I read up on Simon Sinek’s “Why Movement” and was inspired to think about the Why of Flotilla. Why am I writing this? Why is Flotilla important? Until I can answer those questions I can’t – in all honesty – ask people to share it.  With that in mind, here’s one of the Why’s of Flotilla and at the bottom are details about my super-secret video project that you can be part of!

Ready?  Let’s get started!  This, and the next two blog posts, are here to answer the Why of Flotilla …

Boys Need to Know Why and How They Become Heroes

It became obvious when I started writing Flotilla that I was trying to say something to my younger self.  I thought about it and then started writing this poem, which I’ve been posting to Twitter all this week … maybe you’ve seen it:

The NeoMale Project - Help Boys Become Heroes


















I consider myself well-read but I’m not seeing a lot of stories that deal with this topic.  They usually deal with how a teen girl can become a hero (I’m looking at you, Suzanne Collins and Stephanie Meyer) but for the fellas, well … the landscape of teen male heroes is a little bleak.  Usually, it involves discovering that you were the long-lost son of a god, a Jedi, a superhero or that a spider bite could give you .  But what about us?  What about the ‘normal’ kids?  Why would they want to be the hero of their lives and how would they do it?

I don’t think complaining is the answer.  Instead, I thought Flotilla could be a realistic discussion (even in an fictional universe) about the nuts-and-bolts of becoming the hero of your own life.  I wanted to introduce people to Jim, a teen with real problems, real flaws and walk him through the process of overcoming those issues to be the hero of Flotilla.  People have connected with that very well, I’m pleased to say.

That, in a nutshell, is one of the Why’s of Flotilla.  Now here is where we talk about making you the hero.  Yes, you.  Flotilla has fans from all over the world and this project connects all of them.  I’d like YOU to be a part of it.  How?

We’re Making a Video and You are the Star

Yes!  We’re making another video!   Tim, the PR guy, is making a video based on ‘A Boy’ and he wants to include you as part of the story.  Sound like fun?  You can participate in one of two ways:

The NeoMale Project - Help Boys Become Heroes

1.  Make a video of yourself reading “A Boy” here and post it to Youtube or Vimeo – send us the link

2.  Take a picture (like this guy here <- ) of yourself, holding up a sign with one of the lines to “A Boy” and send us the picture.

Where Am I Sending This Stuff? (Contact Details)

Great question – you can send it to three different places:

1.  Email – [email protected] is my email address

2. Facebook – ( message it to us!

3.  Twitter (@Flotillaonline) – DM a picture or send it to us via Imgur.

I will personally hand-select the best videos and they will be combined into the final cut of the “Boys Need to Know That They Can Become Heroes” video that we will be releasing in March!

Why Do I Want to Participate?

1.  Because you’re a boy or a man and you are the hero of your life

2.  Because you love awesome crowd-sourced projects and you missed out on No Pants Day

3.  All selected participants will receive a DRM-free e-book copy of Flotilla and a personal thank-you note from me

Let’s Change History

Every hero has to answer the call to greatness.  I want this video to serve as a call-to-action to all Flotilla fans to unlock their own greatness and inspire other aspiring heroes to do the same.  Will you help us?  Do you want to be a part of this history?  Grab the camera, shoot some video and send it to us.  I will make you a star!




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