End Rape Culture – Make Heroes – NeoMale Project

End Rape Culture – Make Heroes – NeoMale Project

You Can Be a Good Man Right Now

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The Neomale Project is my experiment as an individual Dad to crowdsource male mentors for young men all over the world.  This project is designed to benefit men, women, children and families everywhere and I’d love to have your help.  In this day and age, we’re recognizing the value of having good male role models in our lives and the NeoMale Project exists to make those role models available to young men in need all over the world via social media.


Maybe you’re like me …

Maybe you’re one person and you want to see things get better but you know that you don’t have the time or energy to make it happen.

Like you, I’m only one person.  I realized, though, that if we work together we can create a community that encourages young men to aspire to be better people.  We can benefit men, women, children and families by creating good men who will become pillars of their own communities.  We can also overcome negative perceptions about men because the good work that those young heroes will do will change the conversation about men in the 21st century.


With all that in mind – I realized that this would take more energy and effort than I have to give on my own.  The first step of this project, then, is to build a community of people who want to be the change they wish to see in the word, to paraphrase Ghandi.  That community will be unified around providing mentorship, coaching and inspiration through the Internet and direct engagement.   But first, we have to build that community and you can be a part of it.

Ready to Make the Next Generation of Heroes?  It’s Easy.
  1. Tweet your #Neomale story – in 140 characters – how did a good man help you?   We’ll incorporate the best stories in our NeoMale Project Video
  2. Send a picture of yourself with  #Neomale hashtag to @Flotillaonline or [email protected] – We’ll incorporate those pictures in our NeoMale Project Video
  3. Make your own NeoMale Project video – Read your own version of “A Boy” by Dan Haight, or tell us how we can help you to be a good man or you tell us about the time you were a good man to someone else.  We’ll give you something for your trouble (I’ll send you a free e-book).
End Rape Culture - Make Heroes - NeoMale Project

Click to read “A Boy” by Dan

Good men are created from the inside out.  This is a common idea whether you read Confucian philosophy or you join the Marine Corps.  I’m neither a Marine, nor a philosopher, so I wrote the poem ‘A Boy’ as a simple manifesto that declares what a boy is, what he will be and what the stakes are in 25 lines.   I called this experiment the Neomale Project to differentiate it from other movements that co-opt masculinity for other purposes.   Click the thumbnail on the right and see if you agree with what I’m saying.  If you do, then I need your help.

Do We Really Need NeoMales?

You tell me.  Every day I watch the news and see heartbreaking stories like StuebenvilleAudrie Pott and Rehtaeh Parsons.  Young men feel tremendous social pressure to act out the worst aspects of masculinity.  Even if they refuse to be squeezed into that mold, young men are commonly described in media as threats rather than assets to their communities.   We’ve had Men’s Rights groups for 30 years.  We’ve had the Battle of the Sexes.  After all of that time and effort, I haven’t seen anyone answer this question: How do young men become “good men?”

To me, that’s a question that deserves an answer.

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