#Flotilla – What Matters to Teenagers – Part II

#Flotilla - What Matters to Teenagers - Part IIEditor’s Note: Our Resident Teen Expert Ezekiel Carsella is 13 years old and currently working on his new series “Animal Conflict Series.”  He has some insightful points to make about the business of growing up.  He reminded me of some things that I had forgotten.  After you’ve read his post, skip on over to Animal Conflict Series and give it a Like.  Show a young author some love! 

What We Really Wish You’d Understand

It would be nice if you would understand why we hate school. You won’t admit it to us but we both know the truth: It’s an institution somewhere between prison, the DMV and an insane asylum.  You remember that, don’t you?

Picture the scenario – 8 hours of listening to something we’re not really sure we need to know.  Follow that up with 1-2 hours more of paperwork to prove that we heard what we heard in those 8 hours.  God help us if we don’t complete the work on time – we’ll have more work to do!    Meanwhile, we’re in the peak physical condition of our lives – made to move around and do things – and you want us to sit still and be quiet.  Let that sink in for a minute.

Thank God for the extracurricular stuff like sports or clubs.  It proves that school isn’t just a warehouse for us.  But still, think about the point of all of this: if you spent 8-12 hours per day doing something and you weren’t sure why you were doing it, wouldn’t you question the purpose of it all?  And would you just accept someone saying “You’ll understand it later?”  We’re investing 50% of our life into this enterprise … don’t we deserve someone explaining the value in terms we understand?

What Matters to Us Should Matter to You

It seems that the divide between us and you is pretty deep. We would rather shop, game, eat, sleep, and hang out while you fuss about working, eating healthy, shopping in a budget, and gaming for 30 minutes. What matters to us is probably not what matters to you … but it should matter to you.
After all of this growing up is said and done, we’re going to be out on our own.  Making decisions and experiencing life.  We’re going to realize that you were right about some things. We’re also going to realize that you made some mistakes, too.  How much slack we cut you at that point is probably, if not definitely, in direct proportion to the amount of slack you cut us.  Just a thought.

We realize that the things that make us distant are based on personal style and taste.  Even though you insist on listening to music music from before the earth was made we will still feign interest and then listen to music we like.  No, we don’t care that Madonna did it better 20 years ago and we don’t care that you don’t ‘get’ Gangnam Style.  Also, while we’re talking about it – we wish you would give us a tad bit more space and privacy.  Remember when we were 6 and we went into the Master Bedroom that one Sunday morning and you freaked out and wanted us to leave right away?  Yeah, we figured it out … we’re just discreet enough not to call you on it.  Remember that when you whip out the ‘bathtub’ and ‘potty’ pictures to show our first date.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a parent who says ‘Do as a I say and not as I do.’  When has that ever and I mean ever worked successfully or do they issue you a “Get Out of Hypocrisy Free?” card when you become a parent?  I think Flotilla’s main character Jim hit it right when he asked ‘is “I’m your father” supposed to be the answer to every question?’  For both of our sakes, I’m hoping that the answer is ‘no.’  We’re becoming adults and we’re learning to act like adults.  Please don’t sell us short … not now.  Not when we need you so much.

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