Tempest – New Short Story Available Now on Amazon


Happy Monday!

Just back from Munich and I love *LOTS* to talk about. But before that, let’s talk about Tempest. It’s a new short story that I published this morning.

Tempest is the story of two old-timers in the near future that must confront a troubling reality. Only one of them will survive.

You can read Tempest for free or if you want to show some love, you can buy it on Amazon. Either way … enjoy!

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OMG OMG OMG – David Brin Gave Flotilla a Blurb???

A lot people on Reddit reached out to thank me for the blog post last week.  I’m grateful, and now it’s time to share some good news.  Let me tell you a story in three pictures.

Several months ago, I threw caution to the wind and asked several famous authors for their help by providing book blurbs for Flotilla when it comes out next week. This Tuesday, I saw an email come in over night from one of those authors: David Brin.

So let me pause and set the story up: this has been kind of a hard week. On one hand, very cool to be in Munich. On the other, had my nose rubbed in some hard truths related to my goal of self-improvement and the fact that I’m not where I want to be.  That was tough. So, jet-lagged and out of my mind, I’m looking at his mail at 2:30 in the morning and going “I can’t sleep and if this is bad news, I will not handle it well.  I’m waiting for later.”

So imagine my surprise when I open my mail up to read the following message from David Brin: Continue reading

The Elephant in the Room

Remember when I was talking about being marginalized? This blog post continues some of the same themes.  Okay … where do I begin …

I guess I’ve always known.

etc_elephantroom50__01__630x420When it comes to interacting with people, I’ve always been very polarizing. People will either love me or hate me, I’ll either be your hero or your worst enemy. I’ve never understood why … I just accepted that this as a by-product of living as an authentic person. When I started out, I was mostly just the enemy … the weird kid … I never understood why and some part of me was always angry that life had chosen this path for me.

It’s an old story. To thine ownself be true, I have chosen the road less-traveled, etc. etc. etc. There are many, MANY words written (and even more Facebook posts) about being okay with the unpopular choices. If you aren’t careful, you get used to equating being unpopular with being right.

When my son (AKA “Little Man”) was born, as I said, he was a catalyst for me being the best person I could be and that’s a process I work on every day. I was shocked and saddened when I learned he was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder but even more so when I realized that the symptoms he was giving off were the same ones I gave off when I was a child. Continue reading

Flotilla – Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!

It’s been a long time coming but I’m happy to say that the new edition Flotilla is ready to meet its readers.

Watch the book trailer first:

Flotilla - Now Available for Pre-Order!

Then, swing over to Amazon and pre-order Flotilla. It will be automatically delivered to you on 11/25! Too much commitment? No problem: You can sign up for a sample copy if you want to try it first.  What’s Flotilla about?  Keep reading:

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