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Read the Pac Fish Series Flotilla is an unyielding exploration of people and technology in a perilous world. When 15-year-old Jim joins his dad on Colony D, he doesn’t see it as the new frontier in green technology and sustainability; he sees a free pass out of rehab to spend the summer on a man-made island in the Pacific. Jim thinks his troubles are marooned on the mainland, but it turns out that his dad has secrets of his own. When things stop adding up, and Jim becomes suspicious, he makes a horrible discovery.


But now, that’s the least of his problems.


The United States come under attack, and Jim’s parents go missing. Drug runners and modern-day pirates are coming to settle a score. All he and his sister have now are an old boat, limited supplies, and each other. Jim must race against time if he wants to escape the catastrophic meltdown of civilization.

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Read the Pac Fish Series Iron Mountain continues the story of Jim – an average kid living in unbelievable times. Along with his family the teen must escape a world that is in the early, slow-motion stages of disintegration. Governments struggle to restore order, but they are fighting a losing battle against a combination of attacks, infection and deadly circumstances. Each person is struggling to survive every moment. Ordinary families are now sharing space in refugee camps with other survivors, infected people … even terrorists.

The ocean again provides refuge for Jim, but the new faces he meets might be helpful friends or deadly enemies. Some make the chaos into an excuse to execute their own vision for a brave new world. Old hatreds and vicious prejudice now flourish. Jim’s search for a safe place in a dangerous world will uncover desperate choices and painful truths. Neighborhoods can become war zones, men can become monsters and kids can become heroes. Jim might survive, but nothing will be the same.

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